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In this Third Millennium Era where Human Resources has become a highly and competitive industry reflecting several trends in the global market place, notably increasing the demand for skilled people consolidation among clients and employment service industry itself. Hence therefore as per our expertise for the past decade, our excellent network with The Overseas as well Domestic Clients, professionally managed with team professionals, who are recognized in the field of Human Resources, has helped innumerable Applicants reach the zenith of their career through our credibility, professional advice, promptness & ethical action. Our Success stands for our dedication towards our “Three C philosophy”, Co-ordination, Co-operation and Communication. We manage these trends by leveraging established strengths including one of the employment service industry’s best recognized brand. Swiss HR Consult. (P) Ltd. Having, Govt. Reg, Number: 1192/073/074. Accredited with the DOFE Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal. Our strategy is focused in providing both the unskilled, skilled and professional workforce by offering a complete range of services including recruitment, assessment and selection, training, outsourcing consulting and professional services. We look forward in achieving more success and fulfilling our mission toward our valued clients across the Globe keeping in mind the high standards of quality service through professionalism, ethics and accuracy.



We aspire to deliver the finest Human Solutions to our valued client's across the Globe - To customize campaigns, build strategy to deliver the experts which differentiates SHRC among all the Human Resources Solutions Provider as well being the pathway and the Bridge helping professionals seeking to reach the zenith of their Career through our expertise for the past decades in this Industry.

Recruitment,Required document,Development, Visa processing

Recruitment Services

Whether you are currently recruiting, looking for advice on industry recruitment trends or simply want to source information on expected salary rates, we can help.
SWISS HR CONSULT is a leading professional recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world's top companies.
The quality of our service is demonstrated by the fact that over 90% of our current business comes from referrals and repeat clients.


Offering Complete Solutions to Human Resources across the Globe.
  1. International & National Recruitment.
  2. Staffing Solutions.
  3. E-recruitment Services.
  4. Human Resources Planning and Stratigic solutions.
  5. Hiring, Training developing as well Career Developer.
  6. Training & Skills Development.
  7. Language Tutoring.
  8. Performing Personal Developement Skills.
  9. Leadership Training.

Career Advice

Recruitment Expertise

At SWISS  we’ve been bringing job seekers and employers together for around 40 years. Our role is to work with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful match. This can range from advising a global company on a candidate sourcing strategy to helping a job seeker find their dream job.
We focus on recruiting for the following sectors:
Finance & Accounting Financial Services & Banking Engineering & Manufacturing Digital Human Resources Legal Marketing
Procurement & Supply Chain Property & Construction Retail & Sourcing Sales Technology Secretarial & Office Support


With our associates in various countries from Middle East Region and as well as in Nepal, we are providing various services to our Valued Clients which are listed but not limited to :

At SHC, we go the extra mile to get the job done. That’s why our clients rank us the highest. From the beginning of every relationship, we aim to raise the bar on every type of engagement. Our goal is to become a partner that truly understands your business and grows with you. We believe in building enduring relationships through exceptional delivery and customer service. Whatever your organization size & staffing needs we encourage you to contact us to SHC the best talent!


SHC have the best sets of applicants from different regional offices within the Philippines. With the help of our partner outsourcing provider Workabroad.PH, we will make sure to provide you right person for the right job, right employment for the right man!

Here at SHC, we implement strict screening, assessment and rigid testing of candidates for employment overseas. These procedures are being done through initial interview gearing towards deeper insight or knowledge of candidates’ competency.

We provide our valued clients representative with all the needed assistance in choosing their final and best candidates strictly and efficiently. SHC my also do the final procedures of screening and selection when needed in client’s behalf and guarantee their competence.

We schedule Trainings and trade test examinations depending on the demands of category of job needed or demanded by the Client/Principal Employer in partnership with Several training/trade test centers accredited by TESDA to ensure that the qualifications and competence of the worker is being met.

All selected applicants are required to undergo medical examination upon after rigid selection to ensure that candidates are fit for the job required by the client/Foreign Principal. Medical examination is being done in cooperation with our affiliate Medical Centers accredited with DOH and other Health Ministries abroad

We strictly monitor and process the required documentation of selected candidates from Passports, employment contracts, tax exemptions, visa stamp, clearances and other related documentation processes.

All selected candidates for deployment are require to undergo intensive orientation required to better prepare the candidates intellectually and emotionally against demands required by their job. Hence, this is to give them basic information about their country of destination, Company/Employer, terms and conditions, and other information that applicant’s needs

Our team handles the booking and flight confirmation and provides airport assistance sending the workers with full documentations during the departure process required by the client on the point of destination.


Classes of Workers Available Through Swiss HR


  • Specialists:
  • Designers/Planners, Construction Managers, QA/QC Inspector, HSE Inspector/Officer, Planning/Cost Controller, Documents/Drawing/Material Controller
  • Specialist, Medical Consultants, General Specialist, Physicians/Surgeons/Para Medical/Gynecologist/Physiotherapist
  • Educators/Teachers in different fields.
  • Monetary and Banking Specialists (Cashier/Tailor/Manager)
  • Sanctioned/Cost Accountant/Merchandising Distributor, Administrative Personnel Distributor/Supplier and other more
  • Professionals
  • Â Engineering and development managers/Overseers,
  • Welders (Gas/Electric)
  • Foreman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Plant Operators (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Mechanists/Turners/Tool Makers/Steel Fixers
  • Air terminal fire and Safety
  • Circuit repairmen (L. T. and H. T.)
  • Electroplater/Craft laborers
  • Woodworkers/Cabin Makers
  • Voyagers and Tour (Ticketing/carriers), Receptionist
  • Scaffolders, Erector
  • Handymen/Pipe Fitters
  • Bricklayers/Tile Fixers/Plasters/Wall/Brick
  • Mechanics (Air Conditioning/Heavy and Light Equipment) Technicians
  • Lodging/Casino/Restaurant staff: Waiter, Cook, Bakers, Front Office Personnel, Food and Beverage, House Keepers, Captain, Manager
  • General store: Manager, Accountant, Supervisor, Cashier, Storekeeper, Salesman, Computer Operator, Driver cum Salesman
  • Pieces of clothing Designer/Tailors/Textile/Jute Workers, Sewing Machine Operator
  • PC Operators, Programmer, equipment professionals
  • Drivers (Heavy/Light)/Trailer/Equipment Operator/Bulldozer Operator, Earth moving/Construction Equipment Operators
  • Draft Men (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil), Riggers
  • Medical attendants/Caregiver/maids/Midwives/CMA/CHW/ANM and Care Assistant (Male/Female)
  • Drug specialists Medical/Medical Representatives
  • Research center Technicians (Medical Assistants/Paramedics and other more.


  • (Security Personnel)
  • Ex’ British Army, Ex-Singapore Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Army, Ex-Indian Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Police/Armed Police Force
  • Furnished Security
  • Security Supervisor/Security Guard/Body Guard


  • Woodworkers/Shutterers
  • Solid Mixer Operator
  • Partners (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Kitchen Helper/Assistance Cook
  • Clothing, Cleaner, Iron Men
  • Artisan Helpers (Brick/Block/Marble/Chips/Ceramic)
  • Pump Operators
  • Square Makers
  • Article of clothing Tailors/Carpet Designer and Waivers Barbers/Beauty Parlor a wide range of beautician (Male/Female)
  • Plant specialists and other more


  • General Labors
  • Cleaners/Sweepers/Helpers
  • Horticultural Labors/Farmers/Field Plantation
  • Guardians/Guards
  • Peon/Office Boy
  • Airplane terminal Loaders Industries Labors (Various Categories)
  • Dairy Workers and Salesman and other more

Quick response to different needs of the client. SWISS HR CONSULT. Carefully evaluates and selects all types of position from professionals, medical staffs, highly skilled to unskilled workers and even highly educated domestic helpers, entertainers. It strives to provide only competitive qualified manpower, ready to face competitive global market. It is also responsible to their employees and applicants, the men and women who work with them throughout the world. Everyone is considered as an individual respecting their merits. The company undergoes a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks for strict evaluation and scrupulous selection of manpower, and assures employers of getting only the best, competent, qualified and high-caliber candidates. SHC building a well rounded relationship not only to its clients but to also manpower.

For faster mobilization. We also have a SHC broadcasting facility to enable our staff to text applicants This has enhanced our communication with unprecedented efficiency.

In this continuously increasing international challenge of recruitment environment, SHC offers a wide range of services that include:


SHC company has technical and medical evaluators who can pre-screen the applicants. For trade testing, we rely on our internationally certified affiliate testing centers. Currently, our accredited training center as follows; Tesda, Executive and Phil-Asia to provide us with trade testing services. We planning to construct a new office of SMC for trade testing will be conducted in-house. Pre-Screen. SMC is staffed with qualified Technical Evaluators with long experiences in the Middle East.


The number of applicants we normally pre-screen and line up is 3 times the number that they require, unless otherwise specified by the client. SHC  has a qualified technical team who can perform the selection of workers in behalf of the clients. Most of our clients prefer that we conduct the selection for them. The company takes full responsibility for the qualifications of each worker that it selects.


We allow our clients to place our workers on three months probation to give our clients adequate time to evaluate them on-site. SHC will take full responsibility for the repatriation of any worker selected by SHC deemed by the client not qualified or not medically fit, unless the client himself selected the worker.


SHC also assists in the processing of the applicant’s documents, like their passports, NBI, medical, police clearance and the likes, to expedite their deployment. This is hastened by the assistance of our Liaison Officers to various institutions and government offices. Reports SHC regularly sends its clients various weekly reports to help them monitor the progress of the recruitment. We also answer all client queries within a span of 24 hours after receiving such queries. After a project’s completion, the company submits a final report to the client, which indicates visa and ticket utilization with the corresponding applicant names and the date of deployment. In the future, all these reports will be available to our clients anytime through our interactive website. Queries and other correspondences can be facilitated in the website.


The workers’ flight schedules are forwarded to their respective employers three days in advance. Employers are immediately notified of any changes. SMC also notifies the employers of the categories, salaries, blood groups and the workers’ uniform and shoes sizes, among other things. Welfare The company has had a Legal & Welfare Section since 1999 to address our relations with the deployed workers on a more personal level. Our pre-departure orientations impart to the workers how to manage employer-worker problems or disputes to keep it from escalating. We urge our workers and clients to directly relate all matters.


SHC  purchase the tickets locally in their behalf. We can acquire the tickets here directly from the various airlines affording our clients more favorable rates and booking privileges.


SHC can process all the requirements of workers i.e. clearances, ticket who come home for vacation to ensure that their return to work will be on schedule. For a minimum fee.


SHC can facilitate the distribution of the workers salaries to their accounts here. For a minimum fee.


SHC can also purchase here, in behalf of the client, the workers’ uniforms, hand tools and safety gears, and the likes.


SHC maintains corporate accounts in various first-class hotels at discounted rates which clients may avail to get a discount.


SMC has Public Relations Officers to assist our clients in their accommodations and chauffeured service to and from the airport.


SHC requires a lead-time of 30-40 days for deployment of required workers. clearance 3 to 5 days Visa stamping 3 to 10 days, Flight schedule 5 to 10 days.


SHC will confer an optimum fee depending on the type of service desired by the Client to their full benefit and satisfaction and to the acceleration of the recruitment process.





Organizations turn to REACH to outsource the operations of specific business processes in various fields including HR recruitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing delivers organizations a strategic advantage through the quality of their people.
We act as the client’s internal recruitment division. Our staffing experts manage the entire hiring process from job profiling through the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, method and reporting.

Business Process Outsourcing is implemented as a cost-saving measure for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the marketplace.
Using REACH’s business process outsourcing, companies have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate on operational expertise
  • Add flexibility and agility
  • Leverage REACH’s extensive industry knowledge
  • Access a wider array of skills
  • Allocate more resources immediately

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Swiss HR is formed by an experienced and passionate group of Human Resource Capital, developers, project managers. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

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